The Moon’s energy influences our emotions, mood and unconscious responses. 

This 2020 Lunar Astrology Calendar includes; 

* Day-by-day progression of the Moon's movement through the zodiac signs

* All Quarterly Lunations including New & Full Moon's

* Each Full Moon's 'Power Period'

* Personal Planet Retrogrades (Mercury, Venus & Mars)

* Solar & Lunar Eclipses

This 'Practical Astrology' Tool is meant to support you to;

* Learn more about how the Moon's energy influences you personally

* Know when Full Moon's are happening each month, and be aware of the 'Power Period' windows so you can tune into their ability to yield valuable insights, self-awareness and release

* Know when New Moon's are happening each month so you can take advantage of their manifesting potential

*Tune into the energy of 2020's three eclipse seasons 

* Keep track of the personal planet retrograde seasons

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