Join archetypal evolutionary astrologer Lindsey DePeri for an overview of 2022 astrology, including navigational guidance to support you in planning and setting goals for the next 12 months.

Together we will explore the key activations, archetypal/energetic themes and spiritual context for the main astrological activations in 2022, including;


-      Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces

-      2022 Eclipses & the ‘story’ of the Lunar Nodes in Taurus & Scorpio

-      Saturn in Aquarius and other Outer Planet Transits

-      Planetary Retrogrades (including Venus and Mars)

-      Month-by-Month Overview


Gain awareness to key opportunity periods in 2022 and insight into our evolutionary journey.

Receive journal prompts and a guide to key activations by zodiac sign to help you navigate the year as it unfolds.

Let us gather in community to call in universal support for our highest vibration expressions this year and close with a guided meditation for heart wisdom.

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