Find out more about why astrologers have described the energetic influences of 2020, and the progression into 2021, as the dawning of a ‘New Age’ in this Live Discussion + Q&A with Evolutionary Astrologer, Lindsey DePeri, including:

* An exploration of the ‘Grand Dance’ of Jupiter & Saturn renewing with an epic conjunction on the 2020 Winter Solstice!

* A review of the epic transition into an ‘Air Element Cycle‘ that will define our society’s culture and values for the next 200 years!

* An exploration of the incoming activations in Aquarius energy over the next 12-36 months and the gradual shift away from the ‘Capricorn Era’.

* A look back to the the ‘Earth Element Cycle’, beginning with the Industrial Revolution and now winding down (not to return again to this configuration for 800 years!)

* Elements of the transition from Earth to Air that tied to cultural movements over the last 100 years.

Evolutionary astrology supports us in gaining greater self-awareness as a foundation to personal transformation, the realization of our greatest potentials, and the elevation of our collective consciousness.

Wednesday, December 9th

*6-7:30pm EST

*4-5:30pm MST

*3-4:30pm PST

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  The 'Grand Dance' of Jupiter & Saturn
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Lindsey DePeri is an evolutionary astrologer, creator of NamastrologyTM, teacher of bhakti yoga & meditation with a background in coaching and personal development.

Lindsey has been teaching astrology since 2017 and works with clients around the world to facilitate a deeper sense of awareness, empowerment and purpose. She provides insights and perspective to assist with navigating current challenges and key life decisions. Lindsey is compassionate, intuitive and insightful; witnessing and honoring the profound beauty of each soul’s epic journey through her work.